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Tips On Having A Healthier Thanksgiving

As you're organizing your Thanksgiving menu, and gathering your recipes we wanted to offer some advice on how to "survive" the holiday that is centered around food. And really when you think about it, this one day somehow turns into a the start of a five-week free-for-all until it's time for the New Year resolutions. With that being said, here are some tips to help keep you on track during this holiday.

1. No such thing as "saving room"

Please don't skip eating all day before the big meal; that plan to "save room" always backfires. Imagine how hungry you'll be once the appetizers come out. You'll be tempted to eat everything in sight. The best advice is to start your Thanksgiving Day with a balanced breakfast. Later, before guests arrive, have a healthy snack which will make it less likely to have cravings and overeat.

2. Off limits

We suggest avoiding anything that contains sugar, refined flours and trans fat. All these artificial foods are very addicting and can be hard to resist once you started. It's not a lack of willpower that makes you reach for roll after roll; it's your brain chemistry thrown off from all those artificial ingredients. Give your brain a break and know that certain things just have to be off limits.

3. Look for homemade

There are so many hidden ingredients in store-bought foods. Try to avoid these processed goods and stick with homemade items. At least you know homemade was crafted with real ingredients.

4. Bring your own

If you're invited to a gathering, offer to bring a dish, the perfect opportunity to add some real food to the day's events. You'll know that if all else fails you'll have your dish to snack on. Bringing your own beverage, such as sparking water, to share also helps you avoid high-sugar drinks.

5. Balance your plate

Make sure your plate has a quality animal protein, good fat, and healthy carbohydrates. This balance of macros is optimal to help balance your blood sugar, keep your metabolism moving, your mood stable, and give your body the nutrients it needs to function. Fortunately when it comes to Thanksgiving there are a lot of real food options to make balancing your plate easy. For instance, turkey is a great protein source, while sweet potatoes are a great carb source.

One last piece of advice, don't get mad at yourself! Mistakes happen. The morning after Thanksgiving, get right back to your healthy habits with a balanced breakfast.

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