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Get ready for a fat-burning, full-body,




Drink LOTS OF WATER! The key to achieving a healthy mind and body, and the best workout is staying hydrated. Be sure to have water before, during and after your workout.


Most people do better exercising with a light snack about 30 minutes prior to working out.  Fueling your body properly is an important part of equipping yourself for a workout!

Arrival Time

Please arrive about 10-minutes prior to class start time.  This gives you time to check-in, change shoes, and pay if needed.  Please do NOT be that person arriving right at the start of class, this will not be allowed as its too distracting to the instructor and other participants.

What to Wear/Bring

We suggest wearing a tee or tank along with form fitting pants or shorts, and a comfortable pair of shoes. You will sweat so wear whats works best for you!

Please also bring that water bottle to stay hydrated!  We have water fountains on both levels of the gym for your convenience.

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