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Condiment Tips and Tricks

Condiments provide all of us with a little extra goodness whether it is ketchup on our burger or syrup on our pancakes. That goodness is also loaded with lots of extra calories and tons of sugar. Here are a few hints on to help you make better choices when it comes to condiments.

Instead of ketchup choose mustard. Ketchup as a surprisingly high amount of sugar, with one tablespoon having about 4 grams of sugar and 20 calories. Instead use mustard, which has virtually no calories, no sugar, and can add a ton of flavor to your burger or sandwich.

Do you tend to use creamy dressings, for salads and for dipping sauces? Those creamy dressings have little nutritional value and are loaded with extra sugar, chemicals, and empty calories. Instead, choose hummus for a healthier option.

Instead of BBQ sauce choose hot sauce. BBQ sauce is normally very high in sugar, which makes it so tasty. Rather then adding calories to your diet by consuming BBQ sauce, choose hot sauce for the extra flavor.

Soy sauce is highly processed and full of gluten. Instead of soy sauce try liquid aminos. Liquid aminos has the same flavor as soy sauce but is gluten and gmo free.

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