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Don't Skip Sleeping

Why is sleep SO important?

During sleep, our body’s perform vital tasks to keep our

brain and body healthy. While we are resting, our body is working to repair muscles, organs, and other cells, as well as fight illnesses and detox.. Sleep, specifically REM, helps the brain clear out information you don’t need and remember facts and tasks better, too. Sleep also plays a huge role in hormone regulation, meaning that lack of sleep can disrupt hormone levels and attribute to different health conditions.

There are many benefits to healthy sleep habits, such as improving concentration and productivity, improving immune function and mood, and maximizing athletic performance. So, what are the effects of sleep deprivation? Well, to name a few - higher risks of developing chronic illnesses, like hypertension and depression, poor moods, difficulty concentrating, and even increased appetite and hunger which can lead to obesity. Basically, sleep is essential for optimal function in almost every body system.

Top Tips for Getting Optimal Sleep

1) Manage stress

2) Avoid the blue light - shut off your electronics an hour before you sleep!

3) Exercise

4) Get some good sunshine during the day.

4) Avoid caffeine beverages after 12 pm.

5) Create a bedtime routine AND stick to it! Go to bed and get up at the same time everyday and sleep in a dark room at a comfortable temperature.

6) Essential oils - relax and wind down with some calming essential oils like lavender.

7) Skip late night sugar and simple carbs.

8) Unwind the mind - do an activity that is relaxing about half an hour before bed time.

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